The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review
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Published by:  Telltale Games
Developed by:  Telltale Games
Platforms:  iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre:  Graphic Adventure
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Release Dates:  July 2, 2013
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Its Own Story Some freezes occured
Contains quite a few action sequences Short (could depend on how long you take





Review (These are my own personal opinions and I would like you to respect them, thank you.  Post may change at any given time.)

The Walking Dead: 400 Days, is a separate DLC for The Walking Dead series; and it goes for the same amount as previous episodes  ($4.99 USD).  As you start to play you notice it doesn’t continue from after Season 1 Episode 5. It’s a whole new set of short stories showing 5 different characters in different situations and what happened during the 400 days of the Zombie outbreak.

You play as Vince a convict, Wyatt a hippie , Shel the protective sister , Russell the tough kid and lastly Bonnie an ex junkie ; which have to deal with their own individual choices and its a clever way  to combine these character at the end of the game.  I personally believe any of these character’s might end up being the unknown characters that Clementine sees off in the distance, but Season 2 character’s may end up being totally new ones and this was just to get the appetite wet for what’s to come.

During the gameplay you will notice characters you have played with previously (depending on order you choose) colliding with another; either in a good or bad situation. Which was a clever way of showing how people end up intertwined; and certain situations get misunderstood or just can’t be helped. The Walking Dead TV series does a good job of this too; but in the video game it makes you take all the hard choices and in a way analyzes what type of character you are. (I say this because the first choice is always the most natural choice)

There were some tech and hiccups during some scenes with the game freezing up a bit, but with a mini update that can be easily rectified.  The game is not very long either and it can span to an hour and thirty minutes depending on what you do and how long you take interacting with things.

If you want to get your fix for your Walking Dead Game and are anxiously waiting for Season 2 then I suggest you get the DLC. You may never know the stories can intertwined to Season 2 as there is a little surprise from part 1 in Russell’s story.  There seems to be quite a bit of action along with your choices so you don’t get bored and it does well to keep your attention to what’s to come for the next character’s story.

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This is my personal review and anyone is welcome to their opinion.

Vince (The Convict)


Wyatt (The Hippie)


Shel (The Protective Big Sis)


Russell (Tough Kid)



Bonnie (Ex Junkie)


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